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How can our conference transcription service help you?

We can help you bring your conference to life in words for those who missed the event, or for those who want to remember it, and those who are hard of hearing. Not only will your client appreciate the documentation of key points, the document will serve as a constant reminder of a well-managed conference. A lot of our clients utilise our overnight service so they have an accurate and professional document ready promptly for easy distribution.


Are you looking for a simple, secure and confidential transcription service?

Our simple online booking system is secure and our service is completely confidential. We try and take the stress out of booking your transcription job, and are happy to accept jobs completely online and email the transcripts and invoice to you. Our team of audio transcribers are entirely UK-based and have signed confidentiality agreements. We can provide you with a non-disclosure agreement, but if you have any further security or confidentiality requirements then please let us know.


How long will it take and what are the costs?

24-hour turnaround £1.70 per audio minute

48-hour turnaround £1.50 per audio minute

Four day turnaround £1.40 per audio minute

One week turnaround £1.30 per audio minute

Two week turnaround £1.20 per audio minute

(All rates are subject to VAT)


Do we offer a discount?

We offer a 10% discount to all new clients, and this will automatically be processed on your first invoice. If you have a project of more than 20 audio hours then please contact us to discuss a regular discount.


How do we ensure confidentiality?

Our team of audio transcribers are entirely UK-based and they have all signed confidentiality agreements prior to starting work with us. We can provide you with a confidentiality agreement on request, or sign one you may wish to provide.


How long does it take to transcribe an hour of audio?

It takes a good transcriber approximately five hours to transcribe and quality check an hour of clear multi-speaker audio. It will take longer if the quality of the audio provided is poor.


What if I am not happy with the quality of the transcripts?

If you find any errors we will amend and thoroughly check through the transcript once more. We guarantee excellent accuracy and strive to produce high quality and beneficial transcripts which are fully quality checked before being returned to you.


How do you get started?

You can upload your digital audio or video files now via our simple and secure online booking system.





Upload your digital audio or video files now via our simple and secure online booking system.





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