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Transcription services offer a cost effective way of professionally transcribing a wide range of different mediums and documentation. These types of services are used by a wide variety of businesses and industries for various reasons. There are, in fact, a variety of benefits of outsourcing to transcription companies that includes cost savings, faster and more efficient turnaround of the project as well as the element of leaving the complete task to be expertly and professionally project managed.


Finding the most suitable transcription service can be difficult with the quantity of available options, however with a few simple questions, it is possible to find the most suitable and cost effective option for your particular needs. Key considerations should include:


The quality of transcribers...


As with any form of industry, transcription companies are available from all over the world. For those looking for English transcription, it is important to utilise the services of companies who only employ UK transcription professionals whose first language is English and who have an appropriately expert level of understanding of the English language with relevant qualifications, and who understand the complexity of the language with all of its nuances.




This is another important element. Security of any file sent over or uploaded to a website should be encrypted to ensure relevant security. A professional transcription company will always provide the highest level of 256 bit encryption as standard to safeguard client information and files.




Confidentiality is essential within any arrangement, however none more so than transcription service companies. Often sensitive information requires transcription, and therefore the integrity of the transcription company is foremost. Within any company, ensuring that all transcribers have signed confidentiality agreements ensures confidentiality. In addition for some company’s, the signing of a relevant NDA or non disclosure agreement suits their individual circumstances best, and as such any professional transcription company will be able to oblige.


What type of transcription service do you need?


Most transcription work is of a general nature. However, dependent upon your particular industry, it is possible that you may well require more industry specific transcription rates and services. For example, legal documentation may well utilise terminology that is specific to the legal arena, which only someone within the industry or with knowledge of the industry would comprehend and be able to transcribe in the right context.


A little bit about us…


If you're looking for UK transcription from UK based transcribers with a track record of outstanding quality and work ethic, then visit Pagesix. Our clients include businesses from SME’s through to blue chip multi-national organisations and many prestigious universities such as Surrey University, Leeds University, Southampton University, Durham University and Imperial College London.


Each client has a dedicated account with the ability to upload files through our website, which is comprehensively encrypted with 256 bit encryption during transfer, which means that you can rest assured that your files are secure. All of our transcribers are UK based, with relevant qualifications to ensure suitability.




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